How does corporate social responsibility work in the transport sector?

Sustainable business with an eye for people, planet and profit is not an option but a must for Wim Claes Transport & Logistics
But... sustainability and transport, they don't go together, do they?


Transport & sustainability: opposites or not?

We admit: they sometimes seem like opposites. After all, transport involves CO2 emissions. But one does not exclude the other. Moreover, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means more, much more.

Clothing, food, household appliances, building materials... just about every sector imaginable involves transport. Transport has its impact on people and the planet. Yet a lot of progress has already been made: think of more economical means of transport, more efficient transport or the use of alternative fuels.


Electric driving

Wim Claes Transport & Logistics is setting course for the future with the full electric Mercedes e-Truck! As one of the first transporters in Belgium, we distribute emission-free and with a low impact on people and nature. So we are among the 30 million emission-free vehicles by 2030.

A green distribution center

With one logistics distribution center, centrally located in Genk, we manage the entire logistics chain for multiple customers, saving many trips. By the way, did you know that at least 80% of the energy used in our distribution center is green energy? Moreover, it is generated on our own site by solar panels and a windmill.

Up-to-date fleet

From trucks to vans, our extensive fleet includes over 70 vehicles and is also fully up-to-date and equipped with the latest prevailing standards. We are committed to EURO 6 engines with AdBlue additives for clean combustion, electric pallet trucks and e-lift trucks.

Truck loading area

By thoughtfully bundling flows of goods and efficiently utilizing every m2 of cargo space in our trucks, we operate cost-effectively and sustainably.

Cradle to cradle

By collecting and properly sorting reusable materials and waste, we do our part in closing the loop.

LED lighting

Our distribution center is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting that works with smart sensors. This is how we keep our consumption as low and our efficiency as high as possible.

Track & Trace

Through thorough track & trace and online fleet management, we avoid empty trailers, bundle goods where possible and increase efficiency in routing.

Digital CMR

By rolling out e-CMR, we are making all our processes more digital and efficient. We also save substantially on paper consumption. Digitizing delivery notes and certificates is a logical next step.

Smart on-board computers

Our smart on-board computers are linked to our TMS and WMS systems and other data sources. They automatically receive and transmit data in order to drive from A to B as sustainably as possible.


We offer drivers the opportunity to retrain to become certified C and/or CE drivers, and our office team receives regular in-house training. In addition, we also offer "Ecodrive" training, where drivers learn to drive defensively and use less fuel. Through various training partners, we also regularly offer opportunities for young people and job seekers to gain work experience.


From supporting charities to information sessions at schools or free transport for the local youth movement, at Wim Claes Transport & Logistics we like to do our bit for society. We also strive to reduce our ecological footprint, which is why we regularly bike to work. Check out the images here. That way, together we make the world a little better, one kilometer at a time!.

Mirror cams

A safe driving style contributes to improved road safety and employee health. This is why our new vehicles have been equipped with mirror cams since 2020. These cameras increase safety when turning, maneuvering or changing lanes and reduce the blind spot. They reduce fuel consumption and improve truck aerodynamics.